DragonTooth Dental App

2018 - Present

What is DragonTooth?

DragonTooth is a user-friendly dental platform that connects dental practices with skilled professionals. Practices can effortlessly post shifts, select suitable candidates, and manage tasks. When a shift is posted, local professionals are notified and can apply, allowing practices to choose the best fit based on qualifications.

Additionally, DragonTooth offers a convenient way to advertise permanent job positions. After professionals apply, practices can access their resume and contact information. DragonTooth handles payments and invoicing for shifts, charging practices for wages and a small fee, while professionals receive their full pay. This streamlined platform makes hiring and managing dental professionals a breeze.

Who is DragonTooth for?

For professionals, DragonTooth is a way to make finding work easier. With the ability to negotiate rate, hours, and breaks; professionals now have a voice, allowing them to decide where, when, and how much they work for.

For dental practices, DragonTooth offers an easy to use platform for scheduling shifts, posting jobs, finding qualified candidates and more. We also take the hastle of payments away by paying the professional ourselves. You only worry about paying your DragonTooth fee.

Technology Used

DragonTooth was built in .NET Maui, hosted in azure. It provides safe, scalable hosting platform. Maui also allows us to build the product for Apple, Android, and other platforms as well.

Developer Thoughts

The decision to re-write the platform using .NET Maui was based on making the app scalable while keeping the code base easy to maintain.


I manage a busy dental office and it’s wonderful to have a place to go to for staffing needs.
Kathleen G.
Office Manager, Brampton, Ontario
DragonTooth has been an asset to filling my schedule. I am currently a fulltime temp and DragonTooth has made the process easy by instantly connecting me with offices looking for a Dental Hygienist. I will continue to use this service with confidence and would recommend to fellow colleagues!
Nicole R.
Registered Dental Hygienist, London, Ontario


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