DragonInvest combines crowdfunding and private share offerings to create a powerful and unique investment experience. Whether you’re new to investing or looking to expand your investment portfolio, the DragonInvest platform is a 1 stop shop.

We partnered with an exempt market dealer to allow us to take private company investments online through Crowdfunding exemptions and Offering Memorandums.


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The DragonInvest platform encountered numerous challenges. We faced tight deadlines with the intent to include a plethora of features. Our approach involved regular check-ins with both our market dealer and pilot issuer to guarantee we were consistently progressing towards a release. This allowed us to prioritize the most crucial aspects of the app, ensuring they were thoroughly tested and refined as we constructed the platform from scratch.


Josh, Perry

The DragonInvest platform was the most ambitious project I’ve ever worked on, It challenged me in every aspect of my job from helping define the initial launch goal to tasking out feature requirements, all the way to building the release pipeline. This platform is the ultimate culmination of my skills as a .NET developer.

~ Josh